• Welcome to Lee Maine

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    Welcome to Lee Maine is a documentary film about a small, close-knit town (population 845) in rural Maine. As the smallest town in America to lose two sons in the Iraqi Conflict, the town of Lee learns how to cope with such a startling loss. Lee is a typical American town: patriotic, bucolic, wi...

  • Art of Nom
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    Art of Nom

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    Art of Nom is a film about a revolutionary group of five Vietnamese artist/scholars, called the Zenei group. They are reviving a thousand-year- old Vietnamese script called Nom. For more than 1,000 years Chinese Han was the script used in Vietnam. Then in the 11th century, the Vietnamese created ...

  • Gray Matters - RO Blechman

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    Gray Matters is a series about highly accomplished older people discussing their current work, their plans and the wisdom they have gained through long, colorful and often celebrated careers.

    “These masters are people who don’t retire. They reign.”

  • Running with Luci

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    Running with Luci follows the journey of a 6-man ultramarathon team that competed in a 150-mile foot race through the Himalayan mountains in November of 2011, raising awareness for a rare incurable affliction.
    Our story begins with Luci, the 5-year-old daughter of Mike Horvath.  Luci lives with ...

  • Two Pillars - Nguyen Tu Nghiem

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    This documentary film TWO PILLARS -NGUYEN TU NGHIEM, was made from film shot by the friends of the Indochina Arts Partnership (IAP) two weeks in Hanoi during the summer of 1994. It was made with the cooperation, assistance, and support of the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture and V...

  • Two Pillars - Tran Van Cam

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    Filmed originally in 1994 in Hanoi by the Friends of Indochina Arts Partnership. The original films of were lost. They had been stored in an unmarked box. They were discovered in 2015. The precious and rare interviews films of these two revered Vietnamese Masters needed to be edited. These films...